Top 13 cartoons to watch which will remind you of your childhood days…

The Nation is fighting against Corona. And we all are Corona Warriors. While we stay back home and protect our loved ones, here we to are to share with you a list of your favorite cartoons which, kids born in 2000 centenarian have grown up watching. Refresh your memories and once again watch these cartoons on YouTube this Corona lockdown…

1) Shin Chan

2) Doraemon

3) Pokemon

4) Tom And Jerry

5) Chhota Bheem

6) Ninja Hattori

7) Roll No. 21

8) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

9) Dora the Explorer

10) Ben 10

11) Mr. Bean

12) Perman

13) Kiteretsu

If we have missed any of your favorite cartoons, comment down below. Don’t forget to mention your favorite cartoon. We would love to hear from you your best cartoon story.

Till then, stay tuned! Toodaloo!!

Image Credit: Google

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