Acceptable Risk by Robin Cook.

A wonderful book review from a prolific analyst…

Beautiful Thoughts

Genre: Medical thriller

Stars: 4.5/5

Completed in 2 days.

Ever taken a risk and thought it was acceptable for the greater good of the mankind or for yourself, although knowing that in reality, you were on the road to ruin? Although you knew that the risk wasn’t acceptable?

The story Acceptable Risk by Robin Cook is a medical thriller that takes you through the consequences of a ‘so called’ acceptable risk, and when you are talking about medicines and drugs, what is actually acceptable as a risk...

The novel also takes you back to the 1692 where the highly infamous Salem witch trials occurred and several innocent victims were hanged till death. They met their end due to lot many misunderstandings and superstitious beliefs. Moreover, in the older times, the things which couldn’t be explained were labelled as the Devil’s Work.

Back in the present, Kimberly…

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